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Toner Refill Instructions

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Thank you for purchasing a Uni-Kit toner refill kit. If you have any questions about the use of
these products, please check our FAQ's below or email our technical support at support@uni-kit.
com. Uni-Kit is dedicated to providing high quality products at prices that allow our customers
to save significantly compared to buying original cartridges. Refilling your toner cartridge also
helps the environment as your empty toner cartridge can be revived instead of landing up in a
The refilling procedure is simple in most cases make a hole (or uncover a hole) in the cartridge,
refill it, and seal it. For specific instructions on your specific model please locate your model in
our instruction booklet or toner refill instructions web site.
We ask you to refill outside whenever possible and always use common sense when handling the
toner hole making tool or when pouring the toner.
Using the toner hole making tool:
This tool is an electrical appliance that is used to make a hole in the cartridge by first heating
up to a desired temperature. Be careful when handling this tool so that you don't burn yourself
or anything around you, the tool gets very HOT! You will need to wait for the tool to heat up
for about 3-5 minutes before using it to burn a hole in the desired location on the cartridge (see
specific cartridge instructions for location of hole). While waiting for the tool to heat up or cool
down, rest the tool on the tool stand as shown in this diagram above.
Pouring the toner:
To our knowledge, the average DIY refiller's exposure to fumes presents no significant health
hazard in normal use. We recommend refilling in a well ventilated room or outside to minimize
the exposure to fumes. For extra protection, wear a dust mask.
1. Will your toner harm my printer or photocopier?
If you follow our simple toner refill instructions and inspect your work before reinstalling your cartridge,
there is no way the cartridge you refill can harm your machine.
2. Will the use of your toner void my warranty?
Nope! In fact, it is against the law (the Sherman and Clayton Anti-Trust Acts, to be specific) to tie
the purchase or use of a particular supply to the warranty.
3. Are there any hazards involved with the handling of toner?
HP describes toner as "Toner is a nontoxic substance composed of plastic, iron, and a small amount
of pigment."
Much like the fumes released from gasoline in cars or from active or passive smoking or even
from inert dust and chemicals in the environment, the exposure to fumes from toner or from burn-
ing a hole in the cartridge (when necessary) could of course be hazardous. To our knowledge, the
average DIY refiller's exposure to fumes presents no significant health hazard in normal use. We
recommend refilling in a well ventilated room or outside to minimize the exposure to fumes. For
extra protection, wear a dust mask.
4. How many times can I refill my toner cartridge?
An average of three times (It varies depending on cartridge type). The range is from 1 or 2 times, to
5 or more times. Quality and page yield will decrease the more times a cartridge is refilled. While
we have had reports from some users that they have been able to use our toner an even greater
number of times on a given empty, the simple (and obvious) rule of thumb is, continue to use our
toner until you are no longer satisfied with the print quality.
5. Why are the kits named after formulas instead of names of printers?
The "engine" in your laser printer is also manufactured to be used in dozens, even hundreds of
other printers.
Canon actually makes all of the Hewlett Packard laser printers and toner cartridges. Hewlett Pack-
ard does not make a single laser printer nor do they make a single toner cartridge.
6. If the refilled cartridge using your toner won't hurt the printer, what, if anything, can go
Just like a new cartridge, if there is ever anything that goes wrong, it normally shows up on the
printed output. If you notice spots, dots, blank spots or voids showing up on the printed page (in
a pattern that repeats several times down the page), then the cartridge has reached the end of its
useful life and needs to be replaced. A razor sharp, pencil thin line appearing on the page also
indicates a cartridge has reached the end of the line.
7. Is your toner made by the same company that makes the brand-name cartridge toner?
There is no way to know for sure. Many laser printer manufacturers do not make their own toner.
We use toner formulas that match as closely as possible the properties of the original toner they
are replacing. Our toners are tested not only for excellent quality prints like the original, but also
for page yield so that you get about the same amount of printed pages as the original cartridge on
the first refill.

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